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8th Regulating for Decent Work Conference

juny 2 - octubre 2

International Labour Office, Geneva |10–12 July 202


Ensuring decent work in times of uncertainty

The RDW conference in 2023 will explore the implications of today’s multiple and interlinked crises on the world of work. There have been growing calls for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all, which provides an opportunity to create decent jobs, address prevailing inequalities, strengthen social protection systems, enhance inclusion, and promote transition from a high- carbon economy. The conference will focus on what transformative policies and innovative institutions are required to tackle the labour and social consequences of the multiple crises in the world, and to ensure a more equitable and just society. Papers are invited to present research results and to propose new ideas and policies with a focus on: (i) pro-employment macroeconomic policies in times of crisis and transition; (ii) trade and global value chains in times of crisis: implications for decent work; (iii) the role of institutions in ensuring decent work and universal social protection; and (iv) regulatory innovation in an era of crises.


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juny 2
octubre 2
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