Working conditions and collective representation in digital platforms. Future challenges

This study aims to analyze the effects of digital platforms on working conditions and forms of collective representation, both at union and professional level.

Start date: 09/03/2019
Finish date: 08/03/2020
Financing: Comissions Obreres de Catalunya
Reference: 17324
Principal investigator: Antonio Martín Artiles
Research team: Albert Pastor, Oscar Molina, Alejandro Godino, Jessica Romero


Martín Artiles, Antonio (2021). Digitalización del trabajo: proto sindicalismo y cuasi-unionismo post-pandémico. Anuario IET de Trabajo y Relaciones Laborales, 7, 9-32.

Martín Artiles, Antonio (dir.); Pastor, Albert; Molina, Óscar ; Godino, Alejandro; Romero, Jessica (2020).  Plataformas digitales, condiciones de trabajo y representación colectiva, retos de futuro. CCOO.

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