The Twofold Presence. Work and female employment in contemporary societies (2009)

The thesis shows the feasibility of the concept of Twofold Presence as suitable theoretical tool to study the complexity of the work and the work of women. Complexity, first, because in relation to work (productive and reproductive work), are formed a plurality of spaces, relationships and social groups that can not be explained only from the logic of market relations. Second, because the work, its rules, its meaning or lack thereof, in the form of unemployment or inactivity, are incomprehensible without considering the sexual division of labour and the links intersect work and domestic work-family. And third, because solving the everyday work of reproduction of human life, as a market or housework, is still an obligatory work, unequally distributed between genders.


Author: Carrasquer, Pilar

Director: Torns, Teresa

Date: 16/06/2009


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