The social and sexual division of labour under transformation. A class analysis in a context of crisis (2016)

The thesis analyses the transformations in the social and sexual division of labour in Spain, focusing in the household as the unit of analysis, and highlighting the class dimension of such changes. The point of entry into the problematic are the changes that are taking place in the productive sphere. In particular, the origin of the research lies in the interest for studying the rise in dual-earner couples. Along these lines, it studies the changes in household-based employment patterns, looking both at the developments that occurred during the period of economic expansion and at the impact of the crisis initiated in 2008. In particular, it focuses on dual-earner couples among the working class, as a group that is a main protagonist of recent transformations, and yet is often neglected by research in this field.

Author: Sánchez Mira, Núria

Director: Miguélez Lobo, Fausto; Verd Pericàs, Joan Miquel

Date: 14/10/2016


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