The quality of outsourced employment: an analysis of the fragmentation of employment relations (2017)

The growing outsourcing of services is a paradigmatic phenomenon of recent changes in employment relations. The progressive erosion of the relationship between employee and employer, as well as the introduction of the client as an actor in labor relations can modify fundamental elements of the content of employment. Thus, the present research asks how different outsourcing practices can impact on the quality of employment from a model of multidimensional analysis, valuing aspects related to salary, working time, stability, work environment , Collective bargaining and skills and professional development. Likewise, the complexity of outsourcing as an object of study requires analysis at three levels: sectoral, organizational and individual. For this analysis, the research is developed from a multi-strategy methodology, articulating diverse research methods and diverse sources of data and information around a defined object of study: the quality of outsourced employment in various sectors of the labor market in Spain with the To see which mechanisms can better protect these workers .

Author/a: Alejandro Godino Pons

Supervisor: Óscar Molina y Fausto Miguélez

Date of thesis defense: 27/10/2017


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