The involvement of work sharing on employment and everyday life

This research focus on work sharing. This core idea divides in three goals. The first one is to study proposals on job sharing. The second one raises the redistribution of “total work charge” (employment and housework) and more generally the distribution of “life times”. Finally the third one poses the question of symbolic representations.
The originality of the project is to undertake work sharing from the everyday life approach.

Start date: 01/09/1998

Finish date: 01/09/2001

Financing: DGICYT-Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (SEC98-0570)

Responsable researcher: Fausto Miguélez Lobo (coord.), Teresa Torns (coord)

Team: Carlos Lozares, Andreu Lope, Antonio Martín, Vicent Borràs, Pilar Carrasquer, Joel Martí, Joan Miquel Verd, Josep Maria Antentas, Mònica Nadal, Lluís Sáez, Albert Recio

Documents and publications:

Rsearch report (resumen): El tiempo y las actividades del trabajo productivo.

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