Studies on the representativeness of the social partner at sectoral level in the EU and monographs on the situation of the social partners in the candidate countries (Sectors: Chemicals industry, Football, Shipbuilding industry)

The aim of this studies is to provide precise data and information concerning representativeness of workers’s and employer’s organisations in the following sectors:
– Chemicals industry
– Football
– Shipbuilding
This means provide factual and quantitative data. Qualitative data will help to understand the role of organisations in the system of professional relations.

Start date: 01/01/2005

Finish date: 01/12/2005

Project status: Finished

Financing: Universitat Catòlica de Lovaina- EEC Subcontract (VC/2004/0547)

Responsable researcher: Ramon de Alos-Moner Vila

Team: Elsa Corominas

Documents and publications:

Chaidron, Alexandre; Arnould, Cécile; Spineux, Armand, dir.; [et al.]. Study on the representativeness o the social partner organisations in the professional football players sector. 2006.

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