Technical assistance on solidarity distribution mechanisms and protection against unemployment-Redistributive and solidarity-based social security systems.

EUROsociAL+ is a European Union cooperation program whose overall objective is to contribute to increasing social cohesion in Latin America; its specific objective is to support national public policies on social issues, good governance and gender equality, with the aim of increasing the level of social cohesion and strengthening the institutions responsible for their implementation.

Within the framework of this program, a study is being carried out on the experiences of minimum income schemes in Germany, Spain and Italy, and their articulation with active employment policies and unemployment protection systems in these countries.

The objective is to know how the link between minimum income programs and employment services, in particular, and how the beneficiary population is served with measures that address the different dimensions of their vulnerability, in order to accompany them to reintegrate or improve their position in the labor market, is given in these countries.

Start date: 08/04/2022

End date: 07/04/2023

Funding: EUROsociAL+ Program (Italian Latin American Institute (IILA))

Official reference: Contract 131/SD/932/IILA/ES/022

Principal Investigator: Pedro López Roldán

Research Team: Antonio Martín Artiles, Eduardo Chavez Molina

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