Study using discussion groups to identify the key issues and priorities for research related to the Occupational Safety and Health in Catalonia

This project aims to identify research topics focused on safety and occupational health in Catalonia.
This project has commissioned by the General Division of Occupational Safety and Health (SGSSL) of the Department for Business and Labour from the Government of Catalonia.
Main data come from focus groups composed of main agents involved in system of occupational safety and health in Catalonia. Data have been analyzed with ATLAS.ti software.

Start date: 01/01/2012

Finish date: 01/11/2012

Financing: Subdirecció General de Seguretat i Salut Laboral. Generalitat de Catalunya

Responsable researcher: Joan Miquel Verd Pericàs

Team: Joan Rodríguez Soler

Documents and publications:

Verd J, Rodríguez- Soler J, (2012). “Detecció de temes i eixos centrals en la investigació vinculada a la Seguretat i Salut Laboral a Catalunya.”. Informe de recerca.

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