Situació i perspectives laborals al barri de La Sauleda-Carrer Ample (Palafrugell). Estudi per a la concreció d’accions ocupacionals

The Law on the Improvement of Neighbourhoods, Urban Spaces and Villas, promoted by the Government and approved by Parliament in May 2004 (Law 2/2004, of 4 June), responds to one of the priorities of the Generalitat de Catalunya, such as comprehensive intervention in neighbourhoods with the aim of avoiding their degradation and improving the conditions of the citizens who live in them. In this sense, the Law focuses on areas at risk of social vulnerability, in order to develop measures aimed at strengthening social cohesion. This project is located in the context of the application of the Law of Neighborhoods in the neighborhood of La Sauleda-Carrer Ample de Palafrugell of the call of the year 2008.

Start date: 01/11/2010

Finish date: 01/01/2012

Financing: Ajuntament de Palafrugell

Responsable researcher: Andreu Lope

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