Resources, rights and capabilities; in search of social foundations -CAPRIGHT

The promotion of individual and collective capabilities underpins CAPRIGHT’s research on the relations between labour markets, employment and welfare regimes. The important priority is to allow every person, wherever she lives and works, to develop her own future with the resources that are available to her.
CAPRIGHT integrates two approaches into one process: one addresses resource regimes, the other inequalities in capabilities.
CAPRIGHT mobilises 24 of partners from 13 European countries and involves disciplines such as anthropology, economics, history, law, political science and philosophy, sociology.
CAPRIGHT will create a critical mass of empirical research in three key areas: gender equality, professional development and work restructuring. Each area is analysed from three entry points: the actual trajectories of people’s working live; situated public action; social dialogue and European policy development.
To ensure a unified approach, from the hypotheses to the conclusions, the work is framed on the one hand by theoretical work and on the other by the elucidation of the political agenda.

Start date: 01/01/2007

Finish date: 01/12/2010

Financing: European Commission – Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (VI FP)

Responsable researcher: Project coordinator: Robert SALAIS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique); equip espanyol: Joan Miquel Verd

Team: Martí López

Documents and publications:

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