Que teletrabajen ellos. Aprendizajes de pandemia más allá de las obviedades

“Que teletrabajen ellos” (Let men do teleworking) is a study on behaviour within households during the first months of confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, carried out by Sara Moreno and Vicent Borràs.

Although teleworking was present before the health crisis caused by COVID-19, it had very little implementation. Following the measures taken to halt the advance of the pandemic, such as the confinement of the population and the closure of educational centres, there was a sharp increase in its use. At the beginning of the pandemic, the percentage of both men and women using this method was similar. But with the onset of desescalation, there was a change, with a higher percentage of women continuing to telework. This makes us think about the importance of the gender perspective when talking about telework: is it the same for women as for men? Can working at home be a trap for women, trapped in domestic and care work, or an opportunity for co-responsibility?

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