Public procurement and collective bargaining Spain

An in-depth case study will be conducted on national regulations, practices and debates about public procurement in Spain for the final report “Public procurement and collective bargaining”. The in-depth case study will provide a brief overview of the national procurement law, a brief overview of the national system of collective bargaining, a detailed analysis on the legal possibilities or requirements to use labour and other social clauses in national procurement with a focus on clauses to promote collective bargaining, an analysis of the actual use of labour clauses in practice and its impact on collective bargaining, a more detailed description of good practices, and an analysis of the national political debate on the possibilities to use public procurement for the promotion of collective bargaining with a particular focus on proposals and demands from trade unions.

Start date: 01/04/2022
Finish date: 31/10/2022
Funding: European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)
Principal investigator: Oscar Molina (expert)

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