New model of social stratification and new instrument for measurement. The Argentine case (2009)

Our society has experienced significant changes in relation to those described by the classic sociologists. We can think on the more general changes produced by globalization and technological advances or in those that are more concrete and that we experience in our daily life, such as the changes in family organization. However, when we look at the different stratification theories, and in particular in the Latin-American case, we observe that the more significant contributions of classical sociologist as to how the industrial society is conformed are still relevant.

In this thesis we attempt to construct a model of social stratification for Argentina from a multidimensional view that, taking into consideration the traditional contributions to the theories of stratification, goes beyond in such a way as to take into account several dimensions of analysis that have not yet been considered.


Author: Fachelli Oliva, Sandra

Director: López Roldán, Pedro; Planas i Coll, Jordi

Date: 14/10/2009


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