Meta-analysis of Gender and Science Research

Meta-analysis of gender and science research is a project of the 7th RTD Framework Programme of the European Union (contract nr.: RTD-PP-L4-2007-1), led by Maria Caprile at the CIREM Foundation.

The project includes more than 50 experts in the field of gender and science from all the EU member states and the countries associated to the 7th Framework Programme.

The aim of the project is a meta-analysis of research produced in the last 25 years on gender research, covering horizontal and vertical segregation in the EU and the states associated to the Seventh Framework Programme.

So, the specific objectives are to:

1. Provide an exhaustive overview and analysis of all research carried out on gender and science at European, national, and regional levels.

2. Make the study results accessible to researchers and policy-makers via publishable reports and an informed bibliography available in a database.

3. Steer policy-making on gender and science in the years to come and define future research priorities within the Seventh Framework Programme, in particular through good practice examples and gap analysis in the various research topics.

Start date: 01/05/2008

Finish date: 01/01/2010

Financing: Fundació CIREM – European Commission

Responsable researcher: Teresa Torns

Team: Anna Grau

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