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María Cascales Mira

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Degree in Sociology and Political Science, and in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Granada. PhD in Sociology from the University of Seville (2019), where she has worked in the Department of Sociology teaching in the Faculty of Sociology of Work. She has combined her teaching work with projects in other research entities such as the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia, where she has participated in two waves of the Andalusian Social Survey.  She has worked on several competitive research projects: Social Quality in Europe. Design and Construction of Composite Indices for the Measurement and Monitoring of the Quality of European Societies; she has participated in the INCASI network (International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities) financed by the European Commission, carrying out several research stays in South America; and nowadays she is participating in the research project “Dynamics of Social Mobility in Spain” (DINAMOS).

Currently she is working as a Margarita Salas postdoctoral researcher, at the Centre d’Estudis Sociològics sobre la Vida Quotidiana i el Treball (QUIT) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Centre d’Estudis Sociològics sobre la Vida Quotidiana i el Treball
UAB Barcelona

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Areas of specialization

Her areas of research are framed within the field of the sociology of work and employment, covering the analysis of job quality, the management of emotions at work and class and gender inequalities in the occupational structure. Her current field of analysis focuses on the study of gender inequality in the productive sphere of the labour market and in the reproductive sphere of the domestic space.

Selected bibliography

Cascales Mira, M. (2022) Efectos del trabajo emocional en el agotamiento y la satisfacción laboral de los trabajadores en España. Papers: revista de sociología. 107 (1), 5-29

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Cascales Mira, M. (2021). New Model for Measuring Job Quality: Developing an European Intrinsic Job Quality Index (EIJQI). Social Indicators Research. 155, 625–645

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