Industrial Relations in multilingual environments at work – IR-MultiLing

Linguistic diversity poses many challenges to the European citizen at work. The human right to be able to use minority languages in public life is supported by the European Commission, but the preferences being exercised by many of Europe’s elites to communicate between themselves using English as a ‘universal language’ can lead to the down-grading of national, regional or migrant origin languages. This becomes even more important with the growing migration flows into Europe and between EU member states and with the growing importance of multinational companies operating across Europe.
IR-MultiLing will research areas of understanding/misunderstanding and intended/unintended outcomes arising from language choices and whether the costs and benefits of linguistic diversity map differently for employers and managers than for employees.

Start date: 01/12/2014

Finish date: 30/11/2016

Financing: European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (Agreement number VS/2014/0547)

Financing reference: Agreement number VS/2014/0547

Responsable researcher: Antonio Martín Artiles

Team: Óscar Molina, Alejandro Godino


GODINO, A; MARTÍN, A & MOLINA, Ò. (2018): “La gestión de la diversidad lingüística en la empresa: un análisis comparativo de estudios de caso en Barcelona”. Anuario IET de trabajo y relaciones laborales vol 5, PP 27-41

Dissemination activities:

Presentation of national situations – Spain presentation of the results of the European IR-MULTILING project

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