“Impact of COVID on productive and reproductive work for women’s”

2020 – Sara Moreno

A critical view of the aftermath of the female market: ERTO, layoffs, teleworking and conciliation, and the unequal distribution within the home of care and domestic care tasks. 

Organized by Unidad de Igualdad de la UVic and the Technical Office of Gender Equality and LGTBI of the City of Vic, it has kicked off the set of activities organized by the UVic around the 25N, International Day against Gender Violence. The round table was presented by Dr Anna Sabata i Aliberch, secretary general of the UVic-UCC, and the speakers Sara Moreno, professor of the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and researcher of the Center for Sociological Studies of Everyday Life and Work, and María Solanas, director of programs of the Royal Elcano Institute and second vice-president of the Spanish Committee of UNICEF and member of the Mediterranean Network of Women Mediators. 

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