Gloria Romanello

Team / Research support technician

Gloria Romanello

Research Support Technician

Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Parma (Italy); Master’s degree in Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean Europe from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France), and Master’s degree in Cultural Management from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy); Ph.D. in Cultural Management and Heritage – international mention – from the University of Barcelona (Spain);  Postdoctoral fellowship at MESOPOLHIS – Mediterranean Center for Sociology, Political Science, and History, Aix-Marseille University (France).

Currently, I serve as an associated researcher at the Observatoire de publics et des pratiques de la culture at Aix-Marseille University. I am also a member of ICOM Spain   IC-ETHICS, of the editorial committee of the Córima academic journal, an International Research Journal in Cultural Management, the MAV – Mujeres en las Artes Visuales collective, and a reviewer for Umanistica Digitale – a platinum open access journal of the Italian Association of Digital Humanities (AIUCD – Association for Humanities Computing and Digital Culture).

For over fifteen years, I have been conducting research projects on cultural and artistic practices. My research aims to question the role of art and culture in defining individual and territorial identities, as well as in the symbolic construction of heritage objects. In my fieldwork, I employ complementary qualitative and quantitative methods, enriching my approaches with various disciplinary contributions, from art history, sociology, and museology to cultural mediation. Scientific rigor, interdisciplinary sensitivity, and an interest in applied dimensions allow me to work closely with various cultural institutions and experiment with innovative research protocols and actions. Indeed, my professional trajectory includes not only the development and coordination of research programs in the international academic sphere but also participation in restructuring and valorization projects, providing advice and training to cultural institutions in different countries. Through these collaborations, I have contributed to strengthening their strategies for cultural management, mediation, and dissemination, always considering the importance of adapting to specific local contexts and promoting dialogue between different cultural realities.

Autonomous University of Barcelona
Socilological Research Centre on Everyday Life and Work – QUIT
Campus UAB- Edifici B
08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)


Research interests

Sociology of culture and art, museology, organizational sociology, research methodology, sociology of tourism and leisure, urban sociology, cultural management and heritage, art sciences, art history.

Main Topics

Sociology of audiences and cultural practices, audience studies, reception and evaluation studies, informal learning, international cultural policies, audience development, new forms of mediation, cultural pedagogy, participatory museology, heritage definition, cultural and arts marketing, contemporary art, urban art.

Transversal Topics

Epistemological issues, multi and interdisciplinary approach (human sciences and art sciences), qualitative and quantitative methodologies, AI ethics, communication theories, psychosocial aspects of human behavior, gender studies.

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