Evaluation of the “VilaVeïna” Program

VilaVeïna is a pioneering municipal initiative to address care in small territorial units, in which specialized professional teams, people receiving care and citizens are part of a community network and co-responsible for the collective welfare. It is a project aimed at all citizens, but especially at the people who need the most support (children and the elderly) and their caregivers. The deployment of VilaVeïna in the city is part of a transformation of the social and health care model, which prioritizes proximity, co-responsibility and personalization of care. The main change consists in conceiving care as a shared and communitarian task, not a private and individual one.

The purpose of the contract is the evaluation of the program with the double objective of: to know the implementation process and to analyze the impact of the project.

Start date: 21/03/2023
Finish date: 20/03/2023
Funding: Foment de la Ciutat, SA
Coordinator: Sara Moreno
Team: Christel Keller

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