Dossier on time policy

This dossier provides us a with a conceptual and geographical overview of public time policies in Europe, differentiating between work time policies focused on increasing productivity and time and city policies developed to improve the time planning of cities. The authors, however, defend a more integrated view linked to the welfare model, as a step towards improving the quality of life from an everyday perspective. But they do not forget why these policies have been more successful in certain European geographical areas than in others, related to the development of the welfare state and the role of families in this everyday wellbeing.

Start date: 01/03/2006

Finish date: 01/12/2006

Financing: Ajuntament de Barcelona – Programa NOUS USOS SOCIALS DEL TEMPS

Responsable researcher: Teresa Torns

Team: Vicent Borràs, Sara Moreno, Carolina Recio

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