Digitalization in the Retail Sector: a comparative case study between Italy and Spain Industrial Relations’

Speaker:  Arianna Marcolin

Institution: Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa)

In this moment of profound changes of all the aspects of society, also the retail sector has been altered by technological innovations, which have been identified as the spread of omni-channel strategies, the introduction of touch-screen totem and implementation of tablets and bracelets for workers. These changes should improve shopping experience for consumers but, at the same time, have consequences on employment conditions, influencing employers’ association and trade unions actions and finally shaping collective agreements content. In particular, regarding trade unions strategies, this research aims to identify three different categories of reactions: neglect, reject and accommodate, in order to provide a categorization useful for analysing trade unions actions  also in other sectors.

Therefore, based on the actor-centred neo institutionalism theoretical framework, within the analytical perspective of Varieties of Capitalism and sector-based approach, this research aims to address a hole in the literature, comparing the Italian and Spanish retail sector technological innovations in relation to alterations of employment conditions, social actors strategies and collective agreements content.

Slide presentation available

Date: 11/02/2020

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