Dynamisation of a forum of expert people from the project “Towards a new public care system in the community” and drafting a report of recommendations for improving

The Equality and Sustainability Area of the Barcelona Provincial Counci has launched the project Towards a new public system of care in the community with the aim of strengthening local care services, especially home care and tele-aid.

Within the framework of this project, the discussion sessions of the Expert Persons Forum have been stimulated, an analysis has been made of the socio-demographic reality of dependence, ageing and disability in the province of Barcelona and the drafting of a report of recommendations for improving the care system.

Start date: 07/05/2021
End date: 31/12/2022
Funding: Diputació de Barcelona, Àrea d’igualtat i Sostenibilitat Social
Reference: Exp. 2022/14258
Principal investigator: Sara Moreno
Team: Paula Arboix

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