Comparative exploration, in the European framework, of good practices for the promotion of women’s professional careers

Employment of quality is a key factor in access to citizenship rights and a decisive area for achieving gender equality. Unfortunately, we are still far way from this equality, as the employment of women is still condtioned by horizontal and vertical segregation, precariousness, wage inequality or sexual harassment.
In the current context of economic and social crisis arising from the health emergency of COVID-19, it is necessary that the economic recovery measures take account of the specific characteristics of women workers in low-skilled sectors.
So, with the objective of designing and implementing different strategies for promoting women’s careers, the Directorate of Gender and Time of the Barcelona City Council has proposed us to carry out an initial exploration, in European perspective, of good practices in this area.

Start date: 17/09/2020
End date: 31/03/2021
Funding: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Reference: 20002861
Principal Investigador: Pilar Carrasquer
Team: Raquel Serrano

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