A new integrated model of expert cognitive process: the case of a hospital unit (2008)

My post doctorate proposal examines expert knowledge in heterogeneous real work settings. Its theoretical perspective comes from contemporary cognitive science, and also from ethnographical and empirical sociology (Myers: 2008, Knorr Cetina: 1999, Bourdieu: 1994, Cicourel: 1990). This integrated model stands against the dualism of classical artificial intelligence. Following the pragmatic positions of both Searle (2004) and Dreyfus (1979), the integrated model of expert knowledge stands against the dualist models of classical artificial intelligence, also dominant inside the rational choice theory.


Author: Muntanyola i Saura, Dafne

Director: Lozares Colina, Carlos

Date: 18/06/2008

Link: http://hdl.handle.net/10803/5137

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