The digital turn in artistic disciplines has resulted in the progressive professional and academic substitution of analogue instruments for digital ones. And the ways of working in the artistic professions have been transformed. The digital turn constitutes a process of institutionalization of new social practices: training curricula change, as well as the computer programs, and new digital products appear, in the form of diagrams, models, and renderings.

The research question is: How does the digital turn in artistic training change the way of projecting, building and imagining of professional and expert artists?

The general objective of the project is to identify the changes caused by the digital turn in artistic practice of consolidated professionals We will compare the discourse and practices of photographers, architects, film editors, designers, choreographers, musical composers, recognized in their field and linked to schools or centers of higher artistic education, of two different generations, the older one educated in analogue, the other in digital.

Start date: 01/09/2023
End date: 31/08/2026
Funding: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
Reference:  PID2022-140814NB-I00
Principal Investigator: Dafne Muntanyola Saura
Team: Miquel Fernández González, Fernan del Val Ripolles

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